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Welcome to the World B. Otto official   uniforms discussion and update. I will be blogging on the game worn uniforms industry, hobby and commenting on various aspects of uniforms and equipment that appear in our hobby. Check back often as this blog will be updated frequently. E mail me with any news or information regarding uniforms and team logo changes or uniform patches, etc. I will add comments to this blog. Thanks.


It's about baseball season and I can't wait to see what Major League baseball teams have changed their uniform styles or just tweaked their game duds. One of my favorite things about opening day is to see the changes in the uni's.


The NCAA men's basketball tournament always brings out some new and exciting looks in the basketball uniform world. Baylor, Kansas, Oregon and UCLA were teams that brough out some new uniform looks for the tournament. The NCAA would not appove Baylor's request to wear their school slogan "Sic'em Bears" on the front instead of their normal Baylor moniker. That would have been an interesting look if they would have been allowed to use them.


Major League Baseball collectively hit a grand slam home run again this season once again honored American veterans with the special "stars and stripes" team logo baseball caps. All 30 Major League Baseball teams sported this special red, white and blue logo on a white cap. Looks were stunning even if the team colors didn't match the caps. It was still overwhelming and was worn throughout the July 4th weekend.


The 2010 NHL Stanley Cup Finals features two teams that rank in the top echelon of the NHL uniform chart. The Chicago Blackhawks and the Philadelphia Flyers make for a very eye pleasing finals to watch. The Chicago Blackhawks have long been considered to have the NHL's best uniform or if you consider the Montreal Canadiens to have the finest, then second best at worst. The Blackhawk logo, an Indian chief in full head dress is both catchy and colorful. Most importantly it is indigenous to the Chicago and Illinois area. The Philadelphia Flyers have had one of the longest running uniforms in the league. The orange, white and black color scheme and the big "P" logo is also one of the nicest uniforms in the NHL. The Flyers have had the same uniforms since coming into the NHL in the 1967-1968 season.


World B. Otto’s 2013-14 NBA Team Uniform Rankings


The official World B. Otto annual NBA team uniform rankings are based solely upon the basic home and road uniform jersey and game shorts. The alternate jerseys and retro jerseys are not taken into account in these rankings. These rankings take into consideration style, appearance, color co-ordination, logo, use of contrast and stripes.


1)          Boston Celtics...Classic style that passes the test of time. The alternate green jersy with black numbers is not a good look but the regular green or white sets are great

2)          Orlando Magic...New style with pinstripes and logo create a basketball uniform statement. All fits together well.

3)          Charlotte Bobcats...Same basic look as the Magic. Lettering and numbering fonts look great with CATS across the front. Light blue and navy blue lettering and numbers and highlights.

4)          Portland Trailblazers...Another time tested look with diagonal stipe on the jersey and sripes on only one side of the shorts. Just enough extras to be awesome.  

5)          Philadelphia 76ers...2010-14 uniforms are a classic. The past 12 year style ranked in the bottom 5, but "SIXERS" across the front really simplify the uniform. Shorts have the new "old" logo and tie the style together.   

6)          Los Angeles Lakers...Gold jerseys at home are a little wierd, but they win so much and dominate SportsCenter so much that they are probably ranked higher than if they weren't seen so much.  

7)          New Orleans Pelicans...Completely new look now that the name has changed to the Pelicans. Vegas gold with some dark red and navy blue highlights and trim. Classic lettering makes this an outstanding uniform.  

8)          New York Knicks...Aother time tested style. Navy blue and burgandy look good to start with, then add the "NY" logo and it's hard to mess up the uniform. New York in a good font is a classic.  

9)          Toronto Raptors...One of the best "new fangled" styles that make the cut. Red and purple trim with the claw logo and a basic lettering font pull this style into the top 10.

10)        Golden State Warriors...A good color combination of navy, gold and red. The logo on the back of the lower leg was innovative. Basic style without too much clutter and a flowing "Warriors" across the front make this a great look. The retro "The City" uniform might be the best throw back uniform in the league.

11)        Milwaukee Bucks...Not many teams could rock a red and green uniform, but the Bucks somehow seem to be able to do that. Red dazzle cloth jerseys trimmed in green and white with a nice "BUCKS" acroos the front. Traditional font for the numbers and names really helps. Now with some success, they are seen on TV more and it has become a really nice uniform look.  

12)        San Antonio Spurs...Another time tested uniform. The look has changed very little since the ABA days and when the franchise moved from Dallas as the Chaparrals. The Black, silver, white combo really works along with the boot spur logo.  

13)        Utah Jazz...The Jazz has gone through a couple of uniform changes and everytime it seems is for the better. The Jazz note style when they moved from New Orleans, seemed out of place in Salt Lake City. The Wasatch Mountain logo was definately appropriate, but wore out it's welcome so they went to a more traditional look with standard piping as trim.  

14)        Los Angeles Clippers...The Clips do a good job with their basic colors of red and blue. Not too fancy and not too plain along with the signature "Clippers" on the front. The shorts with the LAC logo pull this uniform together.  

15)        Miami Heat...Dazzle cloth material with black/red always looks good. Could use more of their logo and a set with "Miami" on the front. Could be a little better but overall pretty good.

16)        Chicago Bulls...A classic style that hasn't changed in years. The logo has been time tested and looks good on the shorts. One of the best pair of shorts in the NBA. Block "BULLS" on the front makes the style eye catching.  

17)        Atlanta Hawks

18)        Indiana Pacers

19)        Dallas Mavericks

20)        Memphis Grizzlies

21)        Denver Nuggets

22)        Cleveland Cavaliers

23)        New Jersey Nets

24)        Sacramento Kings

25)        Oklahoma City Thunder

26)        Minnesota Timber Wolves

27)        Phoenix Suns

28)        Houston Rockets

29)        Detroit Pistons

30)        Washington Wizards


The Duke University men's basketball team has been sporting a "Help Haiti" patch on their home and road basketball jerseys. The Blue Devils had the patches on their uniforms at Clemson and at home when they played Florida State. During the Florida State game, the Duke women's team was outside Cameron Indoor Statdium conducting a bake sale for the Haitian relief fund. I expect Duke to wear these patches for the rest of the season as they seem to be concerted in their relief effort.


  The Utah Jazz have sported on several occasions a throwback set of uniforms and warm-up suits in their 1984-1985 season that was not purple but green. The Jazz have done a fine job in re-creating the highly desireable green set that was only a one year style. It has a very distinct look and the warm-ups really set the look as a great throwback. The jazz note style was a classic on the purple jerseys but the green jazz note style was such a rare look that it is one of the hardest to find game worn jerseys in the history of the NBA.


The University of North Carolina Tar Heels  have worn retro uniforms in men's basketball several times this season to commemorate the 1957 national championship that they scored over the Wilt Chamberlain led Kansas Jayhawks in triple overtime. The home white uniforms feature a checkerboard waistband and "North Carolina" in a circular pattern on the front. This look is giving Tar Heel fans some memories from the past championships.


The NBA added a nice touch to the uniforms of the teams that played on Christmas day. Not only did the NBA add three more games to the schedule to a total of five games, but they added a snowflake logo to the uniforms and their dri-fit t-shirts. It makes for a special look on a special day of games that make the collectors and spectators take notice and feel that they are a part of something special when they come out to an NBA game on Christmas. Also, the New York Knicks celebrated playing on Christmas with a uniform of green and red trim to celebrate the season. I doubt the Knicks will ever use those color combinations during the season so this was a one day look that brought special attention to the game. Great idea by the NBA.


The NFL and their AFL tribute on the 50th Anniversary of the league, continue to impress with their throwback uniforms for the eight original AFL teams. The latest was the Denver Broncos wearing their infamous brown and yellow uniforms. The color scheme is similar to the University of Wyoming Cowboy uniforms. The distinct difference is the brown and yellow vertical stiped socks. A tremendous retro look that creates excitement with all of the traditional football fans and especially with football collectors. Legend has it that only two pairs of the original Bronco's socks remain. One pair in the Pro Football Hall of Fame and a former player has a pair. The rest were literally burned when they got rid of that color combination and went with the orange and blue color scheme.

  Another great touch by the NFL is to have the officiating crew working the original AFL team games to dress in the AFL officiating garb. That includes the ornage and white striped official's jersey and the white knicker pants. It makes for a great nostalgic look.   

  The NFL has hit an absolute grand slam home run this season with the AFL legacy program with the eight original AFL teams wearing their original uniforms from the 1959 season. They look great. Each team will wear these uniforms for at least four games this season. The original eight AFL teams are the Boston (New England)Patriots, Miami Dolphins, Denver Broncos, Dallas Texans (Kansas City Chiefs), Los Angeles (San Diego) Chargers, New York Titans (Jets), Houston Oilers (Tennessee Titans) and the Buffalo Bills.

  Not to be left out of the old style uniform look, some NFC teams will wear throwback jerseys as well. The Atlanta Falcons wore their red helmets from the 1960's through the 1980's. The Falcons wore black jerseys and was a terrific look. Lets hope they wear them again. 

2013 Colleged Football is here and as usual there is a wide array of new styles and old favorites among the ranks. Over the next few weeks we will be observing and critiqueing numerous collegiate uniforms which will be very interesting and fun.


Observations and comments on college football uniforms:

Really stylish: Ole Miss, Maybe the best looking football helmet in college. Grey pants with navy and red stripes for both home and road games. Small "Ole Miss" on the front with classic football shoulder stripes. Only drawback is a single color number. Go to a two color number and that would make the Rebels uniforms the best in the land. Duke, no surprise here once David Cutcliffe was named coach for the Blue Devils. The Devils look just like the Indianapolis Colts, which in turn have a similar look as the Ole Miss Rebels, Cutcliffe's former team. Baylor, Louisville , Auburn , UCLA, LSU and Ohio State are also at the top of the list.


Pretty nice: South Carolina , White helmets but nice trim sripes that bring out the Gamecock logo. Carolina on the front of the jersey with nice striping on the sleeves. Black pants with a splash of white makes for a good solid look. Cincinnati,  starts with a black hemet with a nice UC logo with the Bearcat scratches. Bearcat scratches on the side of the pants is a unique look and innovative. Jersey compliment the good stylish clean look. Syracuse, Richmond, Appalachian State, Wake Forest, Florida A&M, Grambling State, Florida, Virginia, Georgia Tech, Iowa, Nebraska, Florida State are other nice looks.


OK: Arkansas , Clemson , Georgia , Army, Navy, Texas, Air Force, Penn State , Oklahoma , Texas A&M.


Needs some work: N.C. State , When you start with a white helmet, you better have some substance in the uniform. Plain white pants with the NC State logo just doesn't cut it with a plain red jersey. The outfit needs some striping to obtain a classic look. Also South Florida, Central Florida, Rutgers, California, Oklahoma State, San Jose State, Virginia Tech and East Carolina, Missouri.


Whose idea were these ????????????(needs to go back to the drawing board): Oregon Ducks, I know that Phil Knight and Nike tests new styles and looks on Knight's alma mater, but this 2013 look must stop. Weird shaped numbers on the jerseys, some kind of Duck feathers on the shoulders, plain pants with nothing that stands out. Boise State , great team, a BCS buster, but who designed these uniforms? Silver numbers are a nice look look, but oranges sreaks on the back of the jersey and worse that that, on the rear of the pants. Looks like a cowboy with his chaps on riding a horse. The all royal blue look with the blue field turf for home games is nice, but the uniform style has to be changed.


The Top 10 college football helmets of 2013:

1)     Florida State, A great look with burgandy and gold to begin with. Add one of the best helmet logo's in the spear and feather, burgandy mask and American flag and other stickers on the back and you have a great #1 helmet and start to the top 10 list.  

2)     Auburn, White helmet but with the blue and orange center stripes, blue mask and the "AU" Auburn logo, makes for a great look. It doesn't hurt that the Tiger's uniforms are one of the best in the country either.   

3)     Richmond,  A two color spider logo looks great on a navy blue helmet. A red center stripe and player numbers and American flag on the back solidify this ranking.

4)     Ole Miss, one of the best overall uniforms in college football starts with one of the best helmets. Script "Ole Miss" on a navy helmet with a red stripe is still good.

5)     Merchant Marine Academy , United States flag on the sides of a siver helmet with a blue facemask. How could that not be included in the best helmets list. Wow...great look.

6)     Ohio State , Classic. Silver helmet with blue and white stripes and award logo's added each week on a merit basis. By bowl time, the Buckeyes really look sharp.

7)     Notre Dame and Navy. Plain gold helmets. Not every school can rock this look. It takes a special place to make this work. But when it works.....IT WORKS.

8)     Michigan ....the "winged" look. Also Delaware , Princeton , Nichols College , Middlebury, Grove City , Gustavus Adolphus, among others use this look.

9)     Wake Forest , Black helmet with the old gold "WF" trimmed in white. Black mask and old gold player numbers create a great helmet.

10)    SMU, Another white helmet, but a ble mask and red double center striping and a great galloping two color Mustang logo make this helmet a winner.  


Honorable Mention: Heidelberg, LSU, Martin Luther College, Bacone, Dordt, Hastings, Southern Cal, Virginia-Wise, Azusa Pacific, St. Francis Xavier (Canada), Carson-Newman, Maryland, Tennessee, Air Force, Grambling, Georgia and Louisville.


It appears that the NBA will change uniform material for the 2010-2011 season. All the teams now use adidas clima cool material that comes in different textures and styles. Adidas has developed a new and improved moisture wicking material and will use the same material on all 30 NBA teams' jerseys. Also, the tackle twill stitched lettering and numbering will appear to be the same but will be lighter and not sewn-on. It will be heat pressed with no stitching. The objective is to have a lighter uniform when it gets wet with sweat.

Add the NFL's Atlanta Falcons to the growing ist of teams that will be using retro or throwback jerseys this season. The Falcons will wear the 1966 style helmets and jerseys for two games this season. The old falcon bird will adorn the helmet and looks pretty sharp.

Georgia Tech plans on wearing retro throwback jerseys for every home basketball game this coming season. There are three different styles to be used to commemorate the 1960 team that qualified for the NCAA tournament, the 1985 team that featured Mark Price and John Salley, and the 1990 team that made it to the NCAA Final Four and featured Brian Oliver, Dennis Scott and Kenny Anderson. The 1960 version will have " TECH " spelled out in black and trimmed in gold and the other two versions will have "Georia Tech" in blue and gold and have the player's number in between. This is a very good way to celebrate the GT basketball history.

The NBA has approved uniform changes for the Charlotte Bobcats and the Philadelphia 76ers for the 2009-2010 season.

The Bobcats will get rid of their road orange uniforms and use their alternate blue as their primary road set. The home white set should remain the same as their current set.


The Philadelphia 76ers will forgo their road black uniforms and their logo to go back to the 76ers logo style of the early 1980's. The road uniforms will be red like they used in the 1980's. The 76ers have always had red until their run with the black road set for about the last 10 years. This season the 76ers used four different sets of uniforms, which included a throwback set. Next season the plan is to have only two sets, the home white and road red with the new "old" style logo.